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Daily Diary: Caleb’s First Outing (And Liam’s New Eyeglasses)

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We wet out yesterday and FINALLY ordered Liam’s new eyeglasses. We looked around to find the best price and Costco was the winner. I figured that Liam is either going to damage or lose his first pair of glasses. So, I really didn’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on them.

Costco had a limited selection for kids – not going to lie. But we were able to find two pairs that he liked and purchased them. It takes about a week to come in. His doctor said he has to wear them all day long but there is a chance that the issue will correct itself by the age of 8. So, that’s good news. Apparently, we caught it early enough that we can make a difference in his vision if we stay on top of it.


In other news – little Caleb took his first stroller ride!! He PASSED OUT. I guess he liked the fresh air and motion.

I am going to do a video on the Orbit Stroller because I was really happy with how easy it was for me to open and close it. I’ve had MANY strollers in the past and this was BY FAR the easiest to handle. Look out for that – next week. 🙂


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