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Daily Diary: An Arranged Marriage, Meeting The God Parents And Experiencing Those Sleepless Nights


I’m keeping my doors closed for a week or so – just so I can get back on my feet and we can make sure Caleb is healthy and sound. We haven’t gone to the doctor yet for a check up – so I’m asking everyone to give us about a week or so. And thankfully – everyone is respecting that request.

Audrey and Matt were heading into Manhattan last night though. So, I couldn’t turn them away!!!! There’s a four hour drive between us.

The minute they walked in, Audrey grabbed Caleb and held him tight. We are so lucky to have them both in our lives. Caleb will be too.

It was nice to sit around the kitchen table for an hour and laugh. I just don’t see her enough.


Before they left, Audrey made me snap this shot. The arranged marriage is set!! They don’t even know it yet – but Caleb and Baby Girl McClelland have a full life planned out for them. 🙂

Audrey is due in July!! Can’t wait to meet my God Daughter (and future daughter-in-law). LOL!!

In other news… Bill and I are exhausted!! I totally FORGOT what it’s like to have a newborn. Are you ready for this? I am MUCH BETTER at 3AM than I am at 11PM.

I’ve been getting up around 3AM for the last few months and it’s become second nature. So, I don’t mind taking that feeding. It’s the 11PM feeding that knocks me off my socks. I crash HARD around 9:30 / 10. So, Bill and I are splitting it all up for the moment. Thank GOODNESS he works at home with me!!!!!!!!!!


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