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Daily Diary: Celebrating Valentine’s Day With The Family



We don’t go crazy on these smaller holidays. I picked up a few items from the dollar bins and bought each kid a book. They were uber excited! Bill got a few gift cards from Starbucks (because we drink it every single day of our lives) and he ended up getting me a full subscription to Birch Box. That might be fun! Waiting to see what’s in my first shipment.



My daughter dressed herself and wore every single shade of pink she owned. Every inch of me wanted to burn those tights – but I let it be. She was very happy about her outfit. 🙂



My boy spent some time analyzing all his new stickers. He just LOVES these books. If you have a young boy – these sticker books make GREAT GIFTS.


After a HEAPING serving of Colombian food… and I DO MEAN HEAPING, we had a glow stick party. Liam doesn’t even LOOK LIKE HIMSELF in this picture. It’s CREEPY! Easy day at home with the kids.


OH and I forgot to mention —  my kids are OBSESSED with the show ‘Too Cute’ on Animal Planet. Be sure to tape a few if you have young kids.

What did you do for Valentine’s Day?


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  1. Birch box is amazing some months and meh others. Either way it evens out to be great, and a lot of fun, so don’t get discouraged if you get a few bad ones here and there.

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