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Daily Diary: That’s It! I’m Officially Ready For The Hospital

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The last thing on my list has been taken care of — a manicure. It’s been a while since I’ve discussed nails but I am obsessed with shellac.  There aren’t that many colors to pick from, but I figured this one would do just fine for the next two weeks. That’s the WONDER of shellac. There is NO CHIPPING at all.

Mind you – it’s a bit expensive. About $35 for a shellac manicure in NY – but you don’t have to go for 2 weeks. So, in the end, it about evens out.  And trust me – I would pay a little more to ensure my manicure doesn’t chip after a SHOWER! I HATE paying for a manicure only to have it ruined by the next day.

One more thing if this is the first time you are reading about shellac:

It’s really hard to take the polish off. So, you have to go back to the salon to remove it. I did do a write up  explaining HOW to take shellac off at home – but it’s MUCH EASIER at the salon. Believe me.

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  1. Vera you are in my thoughts and prayers. I have faith everything will turn out great and you’ll be sharing baby pics with us soon.

    oh yeah……….. Happy Valentine’s Day early.

  2. Beautiful! Nothing like a manicure and/or pedicure to make feel relaxed and pampered. Your wedding band is amazing…love it!

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