Twitter Party Alert! #SmartDispense Feb 6th At 8PM EST (AMAZING GRAND PRIZE)


Join us tomorrow – February 6th at 8PM EST – for the #SmartDispense Twitter Party. You will NOT BELIEVE what we are giving away!!!

The Grand prize winner gets to take home a YEAR’S SUPPLY of both Tide Original and Downy April Fresh. But that’s not all….

We are also giving away a Smart Dispense washer/dryer set from GEAppliances. CAN YOU STAND IT!!!??? Retails for: $2,298 ($1,199 for the washer, $1,099 for the dryer).


Hosts: @VeraSweeney and @AudreyMcClellan

Hashtag: #SmartDispense

Sponsors: @Tide, @Downy, @GE_Appliances

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  1. WOW!! Amazing Prizes!! I will be there for sure!! I desperately need a new washer and dryer ours are so horrible it isn’t funny. Washer stinks and dryer takes forever to dry!! lol Sad!! See you then with fingers crossed!! Thanks for all the awesome parties and love your blog!!

  2. Super awesome. Lisa Puckett, if your washer literally stinks, you might just need to strip it. Washers get soap build up in them which causes stink, your first instinct is to add more soap, but you just need to run a few super hot cycles with some vinegar. You also need to strip your dishwasher.

  3. I will def be there!! Sounds like a great party!! Can’t wait to find out more!! .. Someone just told me the vinegar tip last weekend! I am def going to try that today! My washer is stinky/musty smelling too ..

  4. I, too, have a musty smelling washing machine (at times). I do the vinegar and hot water trick…but, I hate smelly clothes.

  5. Awesome Prizes!! I will be there! My last washer was a GE and I loved it. Need a washer/dryer and I am looking forward to finding out more about this new technology. Have some questions. Love your blog and I will tweet you later!

  6. I’ll be there for sure! The wife would love this! Thanks for a great opportunity @juanrj83

  7. Wow that is a wonderful prize. Clean and great smelling laundry for a whole year!

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