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Daily Diary: That’s It! They’ve Officially Graduated


I have four days left of bed rest in me. This means that yesterday was the LAST day my husband and mother will have to food shop for this family. Both of them started off the day with HUGE smiles on their faces because they knew the list I gave them was their LAST! LOL.

Since it was their final hooray – I decided to give them two transactions each. King Kullen only doubles (5) $1 coupons per order. And I had a ton of $1 coupons to use. In the end, this is what we ended up with.


I didn’t have any coupons for the cantaloupes … but they were $.99 and I thought that was a good deal. January is all about soups. You can pretty much get any can of soup for about $.19 or less. Bill actually phoned me from King Kullen and asked me if I REALLY MEANT 16 cans of soup. I was like… YES I DO! :0)

In February, they won’t really be that cheap anymore. So, I’m stocking up while I can. I ended up scoring all of this food for 70% OFF! I get HIGH on this stuff people. HIGH.

  • 16 cans of Campbell soup
  • 2 Cantaloupes
  • 2 Trop 50 Lemonade
  • 2 Campbells Skillets
  • 4 Ronzoni Garden Delight Pasta Boxes
  • 1 WhoNu? Cookie
  • 2 Good N Plenty Bars
  • 1 Apple N Eve Juice
  • 4 Kikoman Teriyaki Sauces
  • 8 YoPlait Greek Yogurt
  • 2 Chobani Champion 4-Packs
  • 2 Perdue Short Cuts – Chicken
  • 2 Saute Express

Anyway, I am REALLY looking forward to taking back my house. Bill did such an amazing job but I know he is tired. And if I ‘m being honest, I really do enjoy food shopping! So, King Kullen here I come! LOL


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