Valentine's Day

10 Free And Easy Ways To Enjoy Valentine’s Day At Home With Your Loved One

When Bill and I first started dating, we would go ALL OUT on Valentine’s Day. I mean… we were psychotic. Dinners at Le Bernardin dropping $500 a meal was not an uncommon date. I don’t know WHY we thought we had to do SO much on the holiday.

Love is love, right? There’s no need to spend a ba-billion dollars to prove it.

Once  we married, we began celebrating Valentine’s Day the weekend before or after the 14th. That way, we could still go out to a great restaurant but not get slammed with their over-priced pre-fix menu for suckers. Remember, we lived in NYC. So, it was NO JOKE.

After children though, it all ended. We eventually moved to Long Island and I got over it. I have ZERO desire to make a reservation at a super high end restaurant and give them my hard earned money for a plate of roasted chicken. Nope – not gonna happen.

Instead, we now stay home. But staying home can be romantic too. We order in our favorite meal and do little things to express our love.

10 Free Ways to Spend Valentine's Day at Home

If you are in the market for saving money… as I am sure we ALL ARE… here are 10 free and easy ways to enjoy Valentine’s Day at HOME.

  1. Candles: Light them up and place them all over your house. You know you have some. YOU KNOW you have more than you care to admit. It’s a woman’s obsession! 🙂 Use them. And use them all. If you want, focus them on one room – maybe where you have dinner. And then move them into your bedroom for dessert.
  2. Notes around the House: Place a few notes around the house but in hidden compartments. Coat pockets, behind doors, in shoes. Make it a surprise. Make it fun. If you are up for it…make it sexy.
  3. Dinner and a Movie: The week prior to Valentine’s Day, actively start searching for a movie to DVR on TV. Save it to watch with your loved one after dinner. Not during! Dinner should just be the two of you. If you have kids, then make it a family meal. The movie, however, should be just the two of you. If you can’t find a movie you like on television, rent one from RedBox for $1.49!! Pop some popcorn and share the bowl. Cuddle up. Get close. Bill and I typically claim a different side of the couch. But on Valentine’s Day, make it a point to always stay in physical contact.
  4. Cook together: Honestly, Bill and I order in on holidays. Not going to lie here. But I think it could be romantic for the two of you to plan and cook your dinner together. It’s just another way to share some space and be together.
  5. Dance: Our children love to watch us dance together. I think it really shows them that love truly exists in their home. Put on some music and dance in the kitchen. If you have children, swap partners to make them feel like they are part of the love.
  6. Photo Memories: You’ve been taking pictures since the day you met. Grab a few and make a little album of your best memories. Leaf through them and laugh about all the fun things you did. 😉 It’s always nice to remember. If you are really creative, make him a video and play it.
  7. 10 Things I Love About You: Bill and I used to do this every so often when we first married because we didn’t really know how to talk to one another about our issues. We used to do 10 things we loved and 10 things we hated. It was a way to talk about problems we were having in our marriage while neutralizing the negativity with positive attributes as well. But on Valentine’s Day – make it just about the great things. You will be surprised to hear some of the list items your spouse will come up with! It’s a fun way to get into your husband’s mind. Bill can be very… quiet with these feelings sometimes.
  8. Massages: I wish I was married to a man who would just sit by me and start to rub my feet. But Bill isn’t that man. On Valentine’s Day make it a “thing”. Give one another massages. No rush. One at a time. Use oils if you have them. Embrace every part of the body.
  9. Bubble Bath: Our tub is very small – so this is almost a bit awkward. But in our old house, we had a nice sized tub and joint bubble baths were a possibility. If you have a big enough tub – add this to your routine.
  10. Free Pass:  On holidays and special occasions, offer up a free sex pass. Tell your partner anything is game and get out of your comfort zone. This is better than any freaking present you could buy at a store. Trust me.

Do you have any free Valentine’s Day tips you’d like to share?

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