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Daily Diary: Swim Baby Swim

I just love this picture. The smile on my daughter’s face shows me that she really enjoys life to the fullest. She can find joy in anything and that makes me feel like I did right by her. Bill took Natalie to her swim lesson and took a few pictures so I could see what the whole thing looked like.

It’s a small class and the instructor is very friendly. SUCH A BARGAIN too! It comes out to about $7 a class!! You cannot beat that value. Unfortunately, you have to be 6 to join – so my son cannot attend. That’s ok. There’s always next year.

She is just learning. Breathing is one of her major issues. She can’t seem to figure out when to take that quick breath. Of course, I can’t help her because I only know the doggy paddle. 🙂 Bill swam in High School on a team. So, during the summer he loves to work with them.

The only complaint I’ve heard so far is how COLD the water is. I can’t imagine!! It’s not really a heated pool area and we are in the middle of winter. YIKES! I’m not sure I would have the strength to strip down and jump right in.

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