No Frills Lotion That Works – Udderly Smooth #bestofbeauty


A few weeks ago, I asked my Facebook friends for some help. My hands started to crack and bleed from dryness despite drinking a GALLON of water a DAY with this pregnancy. I knew I wasn’t dehydrated – yet my skin was not playing nice. I know the Winter is the driest season… but this was just ridiculous.

There were so many recommendations made but one really stood out. Udderly Smooth Body Cream.

When I was a teenager, I babysat one summer for my mother’s friend. She was so very put together. Always made up to the nines. Her house was consistently in a perfect state. Really buttoned up. While driving in her car, I  noticed a jar of Udderly Smooth and asked her WHY – out of ALL the lotions on the planet – she would choose to use a lotion that looked like a cow.

And she said because it really works.

So, when my Facebook friend wrote “Udderly Smooth” on my timeline I had a flashback to that summer of babysitting.  Since I am a PRIME member on Amazon, I snagged a jar with free shipping and have been using the lotion ever since.

Needless to say… no more cracks. 🙂


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  1. i work with paper all day at work and my hands and fingers are so dry too – awful – going to try this one thanks

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