Amazing! Foster Grant Donates 1.5 Million Reading Glasses And Sunglasses To Developing Countries

I just LOVE supporting companies that do RIGHT by us all. I’ve written before about Foster Grant sunglasses and how fun my family has been having checking out the different styles they offer. But today’s post is about so much more!! It’s about the efforts this company has made to do good in developing countries.

Foster Grant has donated over 1.5 million pairs of eyewear in 2011 and 2012 to Restoring Vision‘s charitable efforts in developing countries throughout the world. Both non-prescription reading glasses and sunglasses were included in the contribution.

When I first read “sunglasses” I was a bit confused… but then I read that sunglasses are important in fighting cataracts and ptyergia. These can be quite debilitating and affect people who live in tropical climates and work outdoors. They also protect eyes from dust and smoke.

So – so great.

Foster Grant isn’t stopping there. In fact, they have promised to continue forward with the charity throughout 2013.

Want to get involved? has pledged to donate one pair of reading glasses to Restoring Vision for each pair sold on the website as part of its “Pair for Pair” program.

To see all available styles that are part of the “Pair for Pair” program, click here.


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