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Daily Diary: I Think My Husband Has Finally Had It With Me

Last night, my husband brought me in dinner and then left the room for a few seconds. He came back in and asked me if there was anything else I needed. I looked up at him from my plate, paused for a second because I was actually thinking about my answer and then told him no.

He went on a tirade (maybe I’m exaggerating a bit) telling me he “knows all about that look”.

Um… what look?

“The look you just gave me. I know that look. That means I forgot something and you are just testing me right now to see if I can figure out on my own what I did wrong”.


“Don’t tell me you aren’t mad at me right now. What did I forget? Just tell me. Let’s not waste time”.

…am I being filmed?!

I kept telling him. ARE YOU CRAZY? I said I don’t need anything – what about that makes you want to read into that statement????

Over and over again he kept INSISTING I was hiding something / angry about something. And honestly… I really wasn’t. He asked me if I needed anything and I didn’t. So, I said no.

That boy is stressed. He is trigger happy for sure. He wasn’t yelling at me – he just didn’t believe that I was being honest with what I was saying. Makes me a little sad.

Only a few weeks left — we can both get there. But this is a real test for my man I suppose. It’s literally driving him crazy.

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  1. Ha! My husband has totally done that too, and freaked out over NOTHING! Next time make up something you’re mad about like, “Yeah, I’m pissed at what you’ve become. You could’ve been a doctor!!!!!” ::cue fake crying::

  2. i never comment on this site but Susan, who are you? what a horrible thing to say. whether in jest or not, i find it absurd and bizarre. vera and bill’s choices are nothing to do with you and if you don’t support a decision they have – carefully – made, i don’t see why you think you have the right to comment or criticise.

    1. thanks sally — I blacklisted Vicky from the site. Or Susan – whatever name she chose to use today. Appreciate your reply to her though

      1. no problem, Vera. I hope it didn’t upset you. I have no idea what would inspire someone to write something so unkind. Hope the next few weeks fly by for you all. We have almost the same due date, btw.

  3. We’ve been in a similar situation. You’re not alone. He’s taking both roles of mom and dad and he’s just tired. Seems he wants everything to be perfect for you – which is sweet but can make you feeling guilty. All normal. There’s light at the end of the tunnel and that will be a beautiful, healthy baby!!!!

  4. He sounds worn out, burned out, exhausted. Luckily you are both getting there and soon this will be over. Hubby doesn’t do that to me. That would be me to him. Ugh.

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