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Beauty Review: Avalon Organics Bath & Shower Gel

For 2013, one of my resolutions is to be a bit more thoughtful about the products I use. I want to pay closer attention to the ingredients and treat my skin with more respect. A good place for me to start is with Avalon Organics Bath & Shower Gel.

Firstly, if you think all things organic are pricely, here’s a shocker. They’re not. This gel costs less than $15 for a value size.

Secondly, if you’re looking for a gentle cleanser that both you and your male partner can use, this is your best bet. There is no scent so you won’t have a flowery smell following you or him all day. The list of things that is left out of Avalon Organics Bath & Shower Gel is extensive.

There are NO:
Harsh Preservatives
Synthetic colors or fragrances
Sodium Lauryl
Laureth Sulfate

Avalon Organics Bath & Shower Gel is made with 100% vegetarian ingredients and it’s not tested on animals. It’s certified to be 70% organic. What does it contain, you ask? Think Aloe Extract, Wheat Protein and Vitamin E. That means your skin gets all natural goodness.

If you’re looking for a more eco-responsible, sustainable option for your bath, Avalon Organics Bath & Shower Gel is a great option. It comes in a great value size of 32 fl. oz. so the entire family can use one bottle. To read more about Avalon Organics Bath & Shower Gel, click here.

Written by Tabitha St. Bernard

Company sent product for review.

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