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For Dog Lovers Only: Getting Clean

This will be totally gross to people who don’t own pets. BUT for those readers with dogs and cats out there — you will appreciate this one.

As you know, my poor little chihuahuas don’t get to lay with me much these days. I’m in bed 99% of the day and while we put them up here with me every so often… it’s not the same as when the entire family lounges on the couch.

WELL – I spent some time on the couch last week and my little girl took advantage of the time we had. She must have licked me for 5 minutes straight. FINALLY I JUST STARTED FILMING! LOL. I let her because it’s been so long. My little girl!!! 😉

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  1. Love it! She missed snuggle time with you! My dog does the same thing. He loves licking my leg but I draw the line when he goes for the toes! LOL

    Yep only dog people understand 😉

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