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Daily Diary: A Much Needed Week With The Kids


The kids have been going INSANE with all their new toys. I mean – there is something ripped open in every room of the house. Lucky for me, I don’t see it since I am isolated in my (equally messy) room. Bill doesn’t really like to tidy up. That was my job. So, he is quite literally BLIND TO IT ALL. Every open space has something piled on it – and that’s ok. He’s a hoarder by nature.


But while it’s all a mess – I’m happy to have the kids home this week. You don’t realize how much time is spent away from them between school and after-school activities.

We’ve been obsessing over this board game called Spotcha. It says it’s good for 8 and up but both the kids get it and love it.

I have a doctor’s appointment today – so I will update more later.


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