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Christmas Morning: Celebrating Jesus’ Birthday And Seeing What Santa Left The Kids

They woke up a few times during the night because they were eagerly anticipating Christmas morning… but something happened that truly surprised me.

When the kids actually got in the room by the tree, Natalie stopped us all and said, “WAIT! We have to say Happy Birthday to baby Jesus! Today is his special day”.

My heart just about melted. I was SO HAPPY to hear her say that unprompted. Christmas has become so commercialized – people who aren’t even CHRISTIAN celebrate it which boggles the mind. But I suppose this is where we are as a society. We are making an effort to keep the religion involved. Bill and I have decided that mass will become a weekly staple in the house. We really want to build that foundation in the children. ESPECIALLY since Natalie will receive communion this May.

Remember when I wrote about the baby Jesus crib from Malta? Well, I called my grandmother to ask her to call her sisters so they could send me one AND FOUND OUT MY MOTHER HAD ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was so excited! She GAVE IT TO ME!!!! We put it out and the kids loved it just as much as I did as a child. I am so so so so so happy.

We even got a nativity set from my mom. I plan on adding more and more as the years pass.

But back to the kids …. They had a great time opening up their goods. My house looks like it’s been robbed at the moment. Fo’ REAL. There are toy pieces everywhere. Nowadays everything comes with 1000 little pieces. WHY?????????? WHY???????? Oh my word.

We had a great morning and afternoon. The kids brought their presents in our bedroom and played with everything either on the floor or on our bed. At around 3pm, they headed over to Bill’s family to have Christmas dinners with their cousins. I napped because Christmas Eve was a bit trying on me. I totally over did it and felt crampy and a little bit of pain because of it. I did not MOVE off my bed and haven’t since.

Feeling better today. Check out the rest of the pic below.

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  1. Probably the first books that I ever read to my baby were about the Nativity. I was so excited to celebrate Christmas that first year that she could talk and walk and really know what it was all about.
    She looked at all the presents that Santa had brought to “honor the baby Jesus” then she went to the kitchen and soon was crying her eyes out…..because no-one had made a birthday cake for the baby.
    we’ve had a birthday cake for Baby Jesus every year since then…and she’s 43 now. It’s our very favorite Christmas tradition.

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