The Mayan Apocalypse: Will You Do Anything Differently Today?

A few years ago, when everyone started to make a stink about the Mayan Apocalypse, I was sort into it. I read a few different articles about the theory – mostly conspiracy sites. Have you ever been on those sites? They are pretty darn awesome. The creativity! πŸ˜‰

Anyway, as we get closer and closer to December 21, 2012… I’m becoming less and less interested.

It’s not the END OF THE WORLD. It’s a change in consciousness (if you believe that sort of thing). So, while I’m not really going to wrap up my bucket list this afternoon, I guess I can admit that maybe 10% of me is interested to see if anything will happen.

But it’s not coming out of a place of fear. It’s coming out of a place of curiosity. All things have to come to an end – and the Mayan calendar just happened to end in 2012. Does that actually mean anything? Probably not. But the buzz around this event is quite interesting.

So, I ask you — are you buying into all the excitement? Or will Friday be just another day?

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