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Daily Diary: My Husband Is Going To Hate Me

This week is going to be a true test for Bill. Usually, I handle all the Christmas preparations. He literally has no idea what goes into it all.  I host Christmas Eve and even though I won’t be actually cooking any of the food / desserts – we still need to get appetizers, drinks, napkins, plates etc.

And then there’s the wrapping. In my attic…. I think there are 60+ presents that need to be wrapped. We host about 10-12 people and we all exchange gifts. THEN we have all the stuff I bought for the kids (maybe I overdid it during Black Friday) and then there’s Santa’s presents. Oh my goodness!!!

He came home with 2 rolls of wrapping paper from the dollar store. I was like… you know this isn’t going to cut it, right?! LOL. I am going to try my hardest to help with the wrapping but I can’t imagine being able to do it while laying down.

And then we are getting Liam’s new bed in a few days. This means that Bill has to pull out furniture from the room and put it in the basement PLUS convert his old Full bed into a crib. LOTS AND LOTS to do. He is the ultimate procrastinator — and I just know this is going to be a problem.

I wish I could hire someone to do the beds because that would be so much easier for everyone. Instead, Bill will probably wait until the morning of the delivery and then get completely upset and frazzled and stressed. That pretty much sums up every single morning in this house. He gets up at 7. Kids walk into the kitchen around 7:10 and then it’s a lot of craziness to get everyone out the door by 7:45. Instead of just waking up at 6:45 and avoiding it all… we play this horrific game each AM. That’s just who he is.

SO, I know this week will be a test for him. I wish I could help! I really, really wish I could!!!! UGH


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  1. Maybe you can help make out the gift tags and things like that. It’s something. 🙂 You should’ve hired a teen in the neighborhood to help with wrapping, etc. Or asked a friend to come and help him. I suck at wrapping, but I would lend a hand with anything if I was closer!!

  2. Maybe this is the year Santa and the rest of your family just gift bag’s it for every present? Or gift bag everything but Santa? You might be able to do gift bags while laying down and that should WAY cut down on the wrapping. What about making the Liam-room transformation into a party? Invite a few close friends (that have screwdrivers and good backs), order a bunch of pizzas and have everyone help out? And just think about how much Bill will be kissing your feet next year when things are back to “normal”! 🙂

  3. This made me laugh. As I told you before I am on hospital bed rest (1 month already)…and my family teases me and calls my hospital room the command centre…my husband says he feels like my little elf…because I can’t be at home I have my husband and mom running around doing all the extra’s and now I take pictures and send them emails of things I need/want packed for the baby bag..etc. As I’m sure you understand it would be so much easier just to do it ourselves but since we can’t they are stuck doing all this extra work. Hang in there Vera…I really do understand! Merry Christmas!

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