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Today’s Obsession: Ugly Christmas Sweaters

My family has decided that this year we will all wear Ugly Christmas Sweaters on Christmas Eve. But here’s the one problem – ugly Christmas sweaters can be pricey! So, we are going to MAKE THEM by using items purchased in the Dollar Store. Bill is taking the kids this week.  Can’t wait!

If you are looking for some ugly Christmas sweater inspiration – here you go. I found a TON online.

What do you think about the ugly Christmas sweater idea? Something you’d like to try?

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  1. We’ll be wearing ugly sweaters too! I found ours from the thrift store. My beauty was $7 and my son’s was $4!! I still need to find one for my husband though…

  2. Is it wrong that I kind of like the ‘I <3 Xmas' Christmas tree sweater?! I think I need to go check my eyes… O.o

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