The Greatest Gift I’ve Received This Holiday Season: Love From Friends


I just have to post about this one more time in case you know someone in your life that is struggling through a hardship. My friends have all gotten together and put together a plan to  provide dinner for my family each night of the week for the duration of my bed rest. They understand how hard it’s been on my husband and I cannot thank them enough!

If you know someone who broke a leg, just had a baby, is caring for an ill parent – consider rallying up your friends and putting together a meal plan for her. It is the greatest gift she will receive this year. I’m telling you – every single night I thank God for these people in my life.

Put this in the back of your head. Store it. Maybe you don’t have anyone right now that would qualify, but should the situation arise – this is a GREAT GIFT.

Some people don’t cook. So instead, they order me food from Fresh Direct or from a local restaurant. I never know what’s coming – so it’s always a surprise. You don’t have to be a mega chef to participate. Just be a friend – they will never forget it!

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