Click For A Cause: 10 Million Stronger With Flintstones Vitamins


We are a Flintstones Vitamins house. My husband gives our children their daily dosage of Flintstones Vitamins after breakfast and Natalie and Liam LINE UP. They LOVE it! Score for us parents!! 🙂

You know I’m all about the gummies. 🙂

Flintstones Vitamins are available in 10 different chewable and gummy formulas. There is something for everyone!

That’s why I was so thrilled to participate in Flintstones Vitamins most recent initiative entitled “10 Million Stronger.” Did you know that millions of children under five years old worldwide suffer from vitamin A deficiency? This simple deficiency can cause child mortality and blindness BUT THANKFULLY it can be prevented.

10 Million Stronger, a charitable partnership between Bayer HealthCare, the makers of Flintstones Vitamins and Vitamin Angels, is helping to deliver essential vitamin A to more than 1 million children in need around the world in its inaugural year.  Flintstones Vitamins will donate $300,000 by the end of 2012. WOW! How amazing is that?! Want to get involved? All you have to do is visit to raise program awareness and donate 25 cents to protect one child from vitamin A deficiency for one year.

The goal is to reach 10 million children in need worldwide, and I think we can do it! While vitamin A deficiency is serious and potentially fatal, it can be prevented.  Two high-dose vitamin A capsules can provide one child with sufficient vitamin A for one year.  This alone can reduce under-five child mortality by about 24% in populations at risk of vitamin A deficiency.  Can you imagine how little it takes to make a real difference? It doesn’t seem impossible anymore, right?

I hope you take a few minutes from your day to help out with this wonderful cause!

*This is a sponsored post by Bayer HealthCare, the maker of Flintstones Vitamins. All opinions are my own.

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