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Stocking Stuffer For Kids: Typecrush A Great Word Game (Plus Coupon Code) #typecrush

I always love learning about new games for the kids and Typecrush is right up our alley!! We are a board game family (as you know) and this word game was thoroughly enjoyed by us all. We had to keep the words simple for Liam since he is only 5 years old. As long as you keep to age-appropriate words, you can play with just about anyone!

Ok, so let’s break Typecrush down. Your canister is filled with alphabet circles and letter sheets. Each player receives a letter sheet that shows you how frequently each letter is used in common words. According to Typecrush:

 The top group, ETAON contains the letters most frequently used, followed by RISHD, LFCMU, GYPWB, and VKXJQZ. Typecrush gives you four of each letter except VKXJQZ which has three of each—making virtually every word in the English language playable.

This is what makes it great for kids. They can see which letters they should start with if they are hoping to guess a correct letter.

One player comes up with a word. They use the alphabet circles and place all the letters face down. The other players then have to guess what that word is. By using their handy sheet, they start guessing one at a time to come up with the answer.

There’s only one rule in Typecrush—whoever solves the word first gets to choose the next word. That’s it. If you’d like more rules—you’re free to make up your own.

Follow the brand at @Typecrush for more theme ideas.

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