BONDING OVER BEAUTY with #BenefitBeauty

By Erin Leigh Peck

This past weekend my nine year old daughter and I were invited to check out Benefit Cosmetics at their NYC flagship store in Soho.  We enjoyed makeovers and got a chance to check out some of the products I’ve used and loved for ages plus a few new discoveries.

Makeup?  On a nine year old?  Ok, I hear you.  I had my doubts, too.  I’m not above a little dress-up and try-on, but we are not a makeup every day household for occupants under the age of 40.  But over the past few months, my daughter has gotten more and more curious about my cosmetics, and has, on several occasions, asked for a little try-on.  Usually I call upon my go-to cosmetic of choice.  The one I’d want with me on a dessert island.  The one thing I slap on as I’m dashing out the door at 7:58, trying to get my oldest to school by 8:03: Benefit’s BENETINT cheek and lip stain.  The stuff is amazing.  A few dots of the dangerously stain-causing liquid on my cheeks, rub it in with my hands, rub the residue on lips and eye lid creases and I’m good to go.  And it looks cute on my daughter’s cheeks when I know she’s not leaving the house and is going to WASH IT OFF immediately.

But how far will it go?  I was a child of the 80’s.  I remember the look of horror on my mother’s face as fifteen-year-old me tried to leave the house with purple mascara and orange lipstick.  Part of it was trend but mostly, I didn’t understand how to apply makeup.  It took me years to figure out that less is more and natural is beautiful.

I have to hand it to the folks at Benefit.  The expert makeup artists really knew how to apply makeup on tweens and teens so that they looked natural and glamorous.  Not an every day thing, but we do have a wedding coming up in December and I think my young lady has earned the right to a touch of lip stain to match her excruciatingly uncomfortable junior bridesmaid dress.   And guess what?  They used purple mascara!  Not really purple, actually. It’s Benefit Bad Gal Plum.  And I was amazed at how natural it looks and what it does to bring out the color in anyone’s eyes.

The staff was so wonderful with all the kids and moms.  They made the moms feel young and the kids feel grown up and special.  I would definitely go back there for a special occasion or pre-event prep.

And the best part? That uber-stainy Benetint I rely on so much?  It comes in a to go package!  To go I tell you!  This kind of thing can be life changing.  Or at least, a lot of fun.


Check out Benefit Brand cosmetics for yourself or as a special treat for your young lady in training.

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