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    Lite Brix Toy Review: Super Light Building Blocks (VIDEO)

    My husband got to check out Lite Brix – an awesome building system that actually lights up – during this year’s Time to Play. Your child can now build planes, trains, buildings and more that light up. Amazing! The system fits into other blocks brands like Lego. Each piece comes with multiple plug in ports making it easy for your child to construct just about anything.

    Lite Brix Building Blocks

    3D Construction that Lights Up? Yes please! Thanks to Lite Brix!!

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    1. This is the single worst toy i’ve ever put together and i’ve build hundreds for my daughters over time. These people who created this garbage product should be ashamed and embarrassed to sell this junk for the price they charge. This is ‘product design’ at it’s worst. They have you assembling the most minute parts which fall apart with the slightest bit of pressure. I happen to be a very handy engineer who has a few products patents so i know a bit about good product design. These people apparently don’t. This took me almost 3 hours to build the Salon because it kept coming apart everywhere. You even have to assemble the tiny flowers which have 7 components to them and are no more than a 1/4 inch tall. RIDICULOUS!!! This is an overpriced, disgraceful piece JUNK that these people are marketing here. Obviously, I suggest not wasting your time with this garbage.

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