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    It Might Have Been A Dream… But I Think My Husband Ordered Me The iPhone 5

    Last night, while I was slowly floating into oblivion, I could have SWORN I heard my husband talking on the phone and asking questions about the iPhone 5. He was saying something about upgrades and 16 gig. Now… he was a few rooms away. So, I could be totally wrong here. But my bat senses told me that what I was hearing was absolutely happening despite the pregnancy exhaustion haze I was in (and am always in after dinner).

    So… there is a slight chance that this is all real. When he wakes up, I’m going to ask him. I’ve been waiting for almost 2 years for this darn phone to come out. I bought the 4 because my Droid died unexpectedly and then a few months later the 4S came out and I was so PISSED. I refused to buy the 4s and instead said I would wait for the 5.

    Well, here we are!

    Do I need the iPhone 5? Absolutely not. But I take a lot of pictures and videos with my phone so the upgraded camera is a business expense… right? 🙂

    Anyway, here’s to hoping this all isn’t just a dream.

    Vera Sweeney, mom, blogger, social media influencer and New York resident, is the founder of She is considered one of the top female digital influencers in today’s social media space. Her lifestyle and parenting brand helps busy women stay on top of the latest trends in fashion, food, family and travel.

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    1. I’m due for an upgrade in a few months, so I’ll probably get one then. I have the 4S and love it sooo much. I really never thought I’d be an iPhone girl, but omg I can’t imagine using anything else ever again. I still have my blackberry and carry it with me, but I can’t even imagine using the internet on it anymore – it’s almost a joke how bad it is compared to the iPhone.

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