Nolcha Fashion Lounge

To round off Fashion Week, I visited the Nolcha Fashion Week Lounge to check out some of the brands featured. Guests were able to get their makeup and hair done, while enjoying drinks. Here a few of the brands featured.

Scent Of Seduction
Scents usually have 3 layers. Scent of Seduction has included a 4th. It’s the world’s only fine fragrance born of human Pheromones so it’s been well-studied to appeal to others.

House Of Horology
House Of Horology is a watch company. The designer comes from a long line of watch-makers and knows a thing or 3 about perfecting watches. The watches are bold, sexy, masculine and current. Black with shots of neon brings personality to your wrist.

Makla dresses are stand-out items that are made with distinctive prints. They’re beautiful and stunning. The silhouettes are simple, to let the prints shine through.

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Tabitha St. Bernard

Tabitha St. Bernard is a Trinidadian sustainable designer and blogger. She co-founded and designs the Zero Waste clothing label, Tabii Just, which is made in NYC. She blogs for,,, and Her personal blog is