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Daily Diary: Sometimes A Girl Just Needs Flowers

I’m sort of going through something that I’m not ready to talk about just yet – but it’s trying the family. My husband took the kids to school today and then disappeared for over an hour. I was beginning to think he got into a car accident!! When he walked through the door, he had a little surprise for me.


Now, I’ve told him a billion times that I am allergic to real flowers and I think they are a waste of money. Especially since I can’t get up close and personal with them!! So, when he walked in the door with a vase filled with fake flowers, I just about lost it. They are sitting right next to my desk and I love them to death. So very happy to have him with me right now.

It’s important to keep the people who love you close. It’s important to recognize that those people are needed in your life and that you can’t do everything alone. Sometimes, this is easy to forget. This vase will act as a reminder to me for years to come.

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