BWR-PR Kick Off Your Heels And Get Glam #MBFW #NYFW

One of the most fun parts of Fashion Week would be all the great events. I got the chance to stop by the BWR-PR Kick Off Your Heels And Get Glam fashion week lounge. Boy, was it a sight for sour feet. I literally spent the rest of the day testing out two of the products I met there. I’ll tell you about them.

Foot Petals
It’s Fashion Week. My heels were high. I was starting to feel it in the balls of my feet. Then, I was introduced to Foot Petals and it changed the next few hours for me. I stuck them on the area where the balls of my feet would land and they instantly cushioned that entire area. It took the pressure off the balls of my feet. They were amazing! I’m getting a pair for every pair of heels I have!

Sanuk Footwear
They’re not shoes. They’re sandals! This Californian brand is known for their comfort and easy aesthetic. They carry shoes for you, your husband and the kids. The pair I was gifted was hand made. Their patented sandal construction puts the easiness and comfort of sandals and the support of shoes together in cute, stylish slip-ons. After a few hours of wearing heels, I switched to these puppies and the rest of my day proceeded with sanity intact.

Stella & Dot
Stella & Dot is one of my favorite brands. I LOVE their jewelry. They set up a charm bar and we got to mix and match to make cute necklaces with personal meaning.

BareEscentuals is all about a healthier approach to skin. Their new foundation line contains SPF 20, which is so rare in a good foundation. They held a foundation fitting area so that we could play with the foundations and see for ourselves how great they are.

I had such a wonderful time at the Kick Off Your Heels And Get Glam fashion week lounge. It was a welcome respite from the craziness that is fashion week.

Tabitha St. Bernard

Tabitha St. Bernard is a Trinidadian sustainable designer and blogger. She co-founded and designs the Zero Waste clothing label, Tabii Just, which is made in NYC. She blogs for,,, and Her personal blog is