Rest And Relaxation With Trumpeting Media #tmrr


You know I’m a sucker for a good massage. When I walked into the Trumpeting Media R&R suite… I was greeted with one immediately. I literally didn’t even get both feet into the room. BLISS! PS – I love that woman in the picture. πŸ™‚


There were a few great brands that I got to meet yesterday afternoon – one of which was Evologie. I don’t have the best skin and this product line is a woman’s one-stop-shop in that department. There is a system in place that not only prevents acne from appearing, but it also combats already existing spots. I’m REALLY excited to test out their line.


And we all know and love Pepperidge Farm… but I bet you don’t know about their new Milano Slices Salted Pretzels. I mean…HOLY PERFECTION. It took all of my willpower to take only one of those samples. REALLY GOOD – you should seek this out for sure.


And then I wont his FitBit Ultra Wireless Activity Sleep Tracker. I am SUPER excited because I always think I don’t sleep enough. This will let me know exactly what’s going on at night. I just told Audrey this morning that I didn’t sleep A WINK last night and I truly believe that. I should of had this puppy on so I could know for sure. Can’t wait to rip open this box.

It’s also always good to run into old friends. I mean – isn’t that what this is all about? Connecting with brands. Connecting with friends. Connecting with sound business advice.

Thanks to Trumpeting Media for allowing me to be part of their amazing event.

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