How To Combat Your Own “Personal Summer”: New Poise Roll On Cooling Gel

Yesterday, I was sitting with friends talking about aging and how we are all closer to 40 than 21 these days. Someone mentioned that her mother can’t stop talking about her “personal summer” – those menopausal hot flashes that we can all look forward to experiencing. I thought that was the funniest saying. During a heat flash, her mom starts ripping off her clothing while whispering, “I’m in my own personal summer – give me a moment”. 🙂

Well, in case you’ve already started experiencing your own “personal summers”, I wanted to tell you about the new Poise roll-on cooling gel. It’s compact and discreet – so you can keep it in your purse with you at all times.  During those overheated moments,  just roll it on your wrists, neck and chest to offer instant cooling.

Lasts up to 10 minutes too! 🙂

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