Zimmerman’s Debut Of New Collection

Kylie Minogue. Hugh Jackman. UGGs. America loves Australian imports. Last Thursday night, I saw a preview of the latest collection from another great Australian import, beachy lifestyle brand Zimmerman. Designer Nicky Zimmerman‘s first NYC store brings a bit of surf to the turf of edgy Mercer Street. Opened back in April, Zimmerman‘s store diversifies the options along this strip, long known for housing brands such as Marc Jacobs and APC. A long-standing brand in Australia, this is Zimmerman’s second store in the U.S. As Zimmerman told me, “[this] store gives the customer a chance to engage with the lifestyle of the brand.” A lifestyle that is largely about surfing by day and looking chic by night.

The theme of the collection is “Flip-side” – it combines seemingly contradictory elements. Flowy watercolor print dresses, reminiscent of Liberty of London, swimsuits and rash guards, were merchandised along side cotton eyelet jackets cut and embroidered to look like grommeted perforations in leather.

Zimmerman’s strength seems to lie in creating simple silhouettes out of unexpected fabrics. An example is a tulip skirt cut in pale blue calfskin. Overall, an ultra-feminine, very sexy look. As for my favorites, I’m not sure I’ll be able to sleep until these two pieces are mine – Zimmerman’s turquoise lace-up pumps and her black eyelet jacket.

Mark my words – Zimmerman will soon fall right into place as a standard of the American uber-chic.

By Allison Toombs

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