Digital Camera Users: Rayovac Platinum Rechargeable Batteries Are For You


Nowadays, digital cameras are the only thing that families use to capture memories. A film camera? What is that? While digital offers the convenience of the “do over” shots, they do take up more energy due to our ability to just keep… shooting.  Charging these cameras can get pricey, right? Thank goodness Rayovac has Platinum Rechargeable Batteries. These puppies do the job! With these batteries, you can get 16x more digital photos than Energizer Ultimate Lithium (when recharged 30 times). They also hold their charge up to 3x longer!!

And wait – get this! The batteries come PRE-CHARGED. Don’t you hate when you whip open a packet of rechargeable batteries and they need to be charged? Ugh! Not a problem with Rayovac.

Per charge, Rayovac batteries promise 400 PHOTOS! I love this. For me, it’s basically an afternoon worth of photos. Hey – I’m a blogger. What can I say? LOL.

Do you use rechargeable batteries?

* This post is sponsored by Rayovac. All opinions are my own.


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