The New Cadillac

Last night, I got the chance to check out the Cadillac XTS-2013. It’s brand spanking new and full of great features. I chatted with one of their engineers who worked on the car about why moms might be interested in this car.

The Cadillac XTS-2013 is equipped with folding rear seats. This means that you can easily push it down and out of the way when you need to transport bulky items. One of my favorite features is the Safety Alert Seat. It vibrates to warn you of danger. If a car is approaching from behind, it can vibrate to let you know. What I love about the vibrating feature is that it doesn’t announce to the entire car that you’re missing something. It’s also great if you, by chance, start to fall asleep and veer into another lane. Hopefully, this never happens but it’s good to be prepared for anything. The trunk is HUGE. It can fit 5 or more suitcases and exceeds the size of an Audi A6 trunk!

I am a bit of a tech lover so I was pretty excited to learn about the IPad-like functions of the display screen. As your hand approaches, more options appear. This is done so that extra icons don’t clutter the screen while you’re driving. You can also plug it into your phone and access Pandora through your phone! The display screen is also larger than average.

If you’re into all things pretty and elegant, check out the beautiful stitch detailing that is throughout the car.

This is made of pure wood.

Are you already excited about the Cadillac XTS-2013? Click on over to their site for more details.

Written by Tabitha

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