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Pamela Pekerman’s Accessorize 4 Wellness Party

Last night, I stopped by Pamela Pekerman‘s Accessorize 4 Wellness shindig and had such a great time. There were pampering services, like makeup and massages for the first segment.

Then, Pamela explained how a variety of products can be used to improve health and wellness. In true Oprah-style, Pamela gifted attendees with products to try out. Pamela and her team, looking fabulous is sporty chic racer back tees, glam leggings and stilettos, were all shining examples of the results of these products. The event was held at the Fitness Cell‘s newest location on 61st Street. Nothing gets me more motivated to work out quite look seeing trainers who are fit and toned. Here’s a few of my favorite products from the showcase.

Tetley Tea
I LOVE tea! In fact, I’ve having a cup right this second. Why am I choosing Tetley Tea over all the other brands out there? Well, they believe in “giving back to society what came from society”. This means that, before it became the law, Tetley Tea was giving it’s employees maternity leave, paid time-off, an 8-hr working day, etc. How could I not love them?

Again, under my butt…right now. BackJoy is a seat accessory that revolutionizes the way you sit. It improves your posture and balance. This is great for people who work in front of computers.

You guessed it! I’m wearing these, now, too! Pluggz shoes reconnect you with the great energy source that is the ground beneath your feet. Remember that feeling of walking on grass? Well, get ready because these feel just like that. They also feel very cool (temperature-wise) on my feet.

Some other products that Pamela talked about were Emmi Swiss Yogurt, Oasis Day Spa, Cellar Angels, Yummie Tummie and FitOrbit.com.

The party was so much fun! I can’t wait for Pamela’s next event.


Tabitha St. Bernard is a Trinidadian sustainable designer and blogger. She co-founded and designs the Zero Waste clothing label, Tabii Just, which is made in NYC. She blogs for ladyandtheblog.com, gettinggorgeous.com, styleandthestartup.com, fitceleb.com and thexcene.com. Her personal blog is tabsonfashion.com.