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Yesterday, whilst escaping the heat, I stopped by the Haute Polish event, hosted by Lisa Logan, Beyonce’s Manicurist. She did my nails with the new Haute Polish at-home gel manicure kit and I loved it! Gel manicures have changed my life because of how long they last. I gave up on regular manis because my nails chip the same day. Gel manis last over 2 weeks. In fact, Haute Polish is supposed to last for 21 days!

The new Haute Polish is different from other at-home gel kits for two main reasons. It’s much easier and so much faster than the other kits out there. With Haute Polish, you simply put two coats of the polish on your nails, dry each layer under the lamp (included) and voila! Your nails are done. Lisa did mine in under 10 minutes. The only reason it took a bit longer is because she dried two nails at a time. Gel dries really fast so this seals it in better.

Another feature I LOVED is the talking device. For a bargain, you can get the kit that talks to you. This means you get guided every step of the process. If you’re new to gel manis, this is for you.

For more information on Haute Polish, go to www.hautepolish.com.

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