Hamptons Chic Meets Business Practical: The Knomo Havana Bag

Knomos have become one of the most fashionable and functional bags today, especially as it serves so many purposes for use. Intended to be a chic laptop bag, the Knomo comes in many styles and can be used to hold your laptop, important documents, or whatever accessories you carry around. Its form is versatile, and its style is so fashion forward- even without all the extra add-ons that come with this bag, it is still quite a looker.

This season, Knomo has introduced the Havana bag, which is featured above in scotch-guarded linen and textured trim. It carries up to a 13” laptop (or whatever you need to carry) and has some pretty handy pockets to keep organized. Some great additional features include a two-year guarantee, shock-proof protective pouch made from high-density foam, and a tracker ID, to help return a lost bag to its rightful owner. You know it will last as it has been torture-tested by dropping them 2,500 times while loaded with a 33lb weight.

I regularly get use out of my black Knomo Slim laptop bag (a Pippa Middleton favorite), as I carry it to meetings in briefcase form. A male colleague of mine, who has seen me with it in tow, always makes note of how he wishes there was one for men (and he’s as masculine as they come!). Turns out, there’s a line just for men, and it includes some of the most dapper briefcases I’ve ever seen. It’s worth a peek at (check out the Bungo and Jackson bags for men and tell me that’s not urbane! I dare you!). As summer is steadily approaching, I’ve begun to rock the new Knomo Havana bag, and if I may say so myself, it is quite stylin’. Even though I haven’t left the city for a vacation, it adds an island getaway vibe to my wardrobe that I can’t get enough of. It is my new favorite summer accessory.

You can check out the Knomo Havana bag (available for $169) and the entire collection at

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Written By Samantha Ewers

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