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Got Rid Of The Red Walls In Our Bedroom



It feels so PLAIN which is completely out of character for me! But it needed to be done because I’m getting my new bed this week and it would have been way too dark  against my red walls. So, we completely changed it up.

Don’t mind the mess – we took anything and everything that was anywhere and plopped it on the bed so we could have space to walk around. It was tight – but it’s done. My poor husband did the majority of it last night while I read a free book in bed. I felt so bad but I really wanted to finish the story. He didn’t say anything – so neither did it. 🙂

I bought 4 11×13 black frames and plan on putting them across the width of the new king headboard. Today, I’m going to pick out the shots and make them black and white. I think it will look really nice that way. I have SO MANY FRAMES in my bedroom – it’s a bit chaotic. I might completely simplify the feeling and get rid of them all. Or at least put them in the basement.

I can’t wait for this room to be done!

One problem – I bought Queen sized bedding a few months ago and now I’m not sure I have a receipt to return it! So upset about that. 🙁 Going to try to return it for at least store credit this week. Hate when that happens.


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