Music Anywhere, Anytime With The Sonos Play:3 System – Perfect For Father’s Day


Are you a music lover like me? I listen to my iTunes ALL DAY AND NIGHT. My kids know the words to almost every song on the radio and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I just tested out the new Sonos Play:3 System and I thought… what perfect timing! Father’s Day is right around the corner. This is a great gift for any Dad.

Target is running an in-store only promotion that ends June 9. You will receive a free wireless bridge ($49.99 value) with a purchase of a Play:3 or Play:5 system. This is an unadvertised special! So act fast.


So, let’s walk through how this worked. First you connect the wireless bridge to your router. Then the speaker goes… anywhere you want. And I mean anywhere. You pick the speaker up and plop it down wherever you want some tunes. Outdoors, indoors – as long as it’s in range of the wi fi bridge, you are golden. And believe me – your entire house is in range.

The best part? You can actually control the Sonos system through your phone or tablet! Yes – you don’t need to keep getting up and going to your computer to change songs. It’s all at your fingertips! I’m dying over this.

Oh and wait! This system works with music services like Pandora too. So, if you just want to have music playing all day long (like for a party or a family gathering) you can connect it and GO. There’s no need to worry about keeping your tunes list up to date. There’s over 100,000 radio stations / pod casts etc to choose from. Talk about unlimited listening pleasure.

If you have other speakers in your house that you want to use, you can actually connect them to the Sonos system as well.
Great idea! I can’t wait to have friends over this summer to really test this puppy out. My family and I have been enjoying the Sonos system for over a week and it’s already become part of our everyday routine.
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  1. Great post Vera! It really is that simple, and that deal Target is running is pretty sweet. Another great thing about the Sonos system is how easy it is to expand over time. Can start with a Play3 set-up and eventually have multiple rooms/zones inside and outside all controlled by your device. I have a Play3 in my apartment and it packs quite the punch for a speaker that size as well. Thanks for sharing!

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