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    Worth Every Darn Penny

    I’m in Orlando for a few days with Audrey McClelland. We are speaking at a conference in a few hours and flew in yesterday to get settled. SheCon is turning out to be really fun! Got to meet up with some virtual friends (which I will write about in a few) and catch up with my bestie. What more can I ask for out of a business trip?

    Yesterday, I don’t know what made me decide to do this – but we ended up buying the hotel’s “souvenir mug”. It was $15 and offers unlimited refills. I’ve already made my money back!! Literally! It’s so darn hot down here that you can’t help but keep drinking.

    I don’t know why I never bought one of these mugs before. I’ve been to Disney a ba-zillion times over the last few years and always ignored this deal.

    If you are planning on heading down to Walt Disney World – consider the souvenir mug! I have 3 days left of free drinks. You cannot beat that.

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    1. We just spent a week at WDW for our 3-yr-old’s B-day, and though the mugs appear to be a great bargain, they are useless in the parks. You can only fill them at the hotel dining areas. Here’s the trick; buy a meal plan when going to Disney and you get the mugs free. When you purchase your morning meal before heading off to the park of your choice, use the mug to get your “free” morning coffee (or other beverage) and then get a bottled water or juice which will be free with the meal plan. You may not be able to refill the mug in the park, but you can bring that ice cold bottle of water/juice in without any issue!

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