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    I’m Too Old For Curses In Music And Why Is It The Default Download Option On iTunes?

    Once a week, I update my iTunes music list. I don’t want to tell you how much I spend a year. With AMEX’s EOY statement, I actually KNOW the real number and it’s disgusting. Whatever – we all have our hobbies. Well, this morning I headed over to see what’s new and I saw that Maroon 5 came out with Payphone. Without QUESTION I downloaded it. I LOVE them.

    I turned my volume up and hit play. I saw the work explicit (which I didn’t see when I downloaded from the iTunes’ main screen) but thought it would be minimal considering who the band was. Well, F bombs are not minimal. I was like… WHAT????

    How old are we? Train isn’t some teeny bopper band. These are adults! I seriously was blind-sighted by it. Had to shut the song off and move on. Later on today, when I finish working, I will go back and purchase the clean version. But that’s an extra few dollars I have to pay.

    Why isn’t the clean version the first option? You can see that I had no idea this song had explicits in it. Is there a setting that I am missing from Apple? iTunes should NOT have this curse version as default.

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    1. Just playing both sides of the issues here but I think that the reason the explicit version is the default download is because, as far as the artists are concerned, it’s the “full” and “real” version of the song, as opposed to the radio edit which is usually what we hear first (I was SO surprised the first time I heard the full version of Katy Perry’s “California Girls” featuring Snoop Dogg).

      That said, I agree that the song should still be marked as containing explicit content. It’s not the sort of label people should have to go looking for.

    2. I hate explicit music & I irratates me too when I accidentally buy the explicit version of a song. I bought James Blunt’s Your Beautiful & was blindsided that this beautiful song has an f bomb in it!

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