Country Crock And “A Very Veggie World”

I attended the launch of “A Very Veggie World” with Country Crock and took part in some cooking. It’s so much fun to cook! “A Very Veggie World” is a new recipe book that celebrates veggies, making them fun to cook and yummy to eat, especially for kids.

The author of “A Very Veggie World”, Clare Crespo, was on hand to guide us through making a Pizza Flag. It’s pretty much thin crust pizza with peppers, mozzarella cheese and tomatoes. It’s shaped like a flag. The kids in attendance had a ball shaping the cheese into stars and making the stripes of the flag.

“A Very Veggie World” is a great recipe book that makes veggies more fun. Most parents have a battle with veggies and their kids. This book makes it fun to cook and eat. Some other recipes in the book are “Fall For Them Leaves” and ” Cabbage Nests”. It’s also super colorful so kids will have a great time perusing the book.

The best part of this is that “A Very Veggie World” is available for a free download at www.averyveggieworld.com.

Have fun cooking!!


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