The New Windows Phone

Have you heard of the Windows Phone Operating System? I went to a party celebrating it’s launch and found out a bit more about it. Now, I’m not a techie. I like discovering new, cool things but I’m pretty basic when it comes to technology. I’m sure this phone has tons of cool, intricate features but here are the ones that I think will make my life simpler.

The thing that stood out for me the most was the ability to access all the social media platforms you are a part of, from one interface. This is called People Hub. You can see all your friends’ status updates and activities on one platform, instead of having to switch from one site to another. You can also contact your friends from these different social media networks from this interface. Cool, right?

You can organize your contacts by group and text or email all the people in that group, at once. Yes, parents, this means you can send baby pictures to the entire family without having to individually include each member.

You can switch between Facebook, Messenger Chat and text messaging, within the same conversation. You can go back and forth as much as you like.

This operating system is supposed to make your life easier and save you tons of time. This leaves you time to do other fun stuff, like exercise, listen to music, etc. Check out all these cool ideas of stuff to do with your new free time, as per Windows Phone.



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To find out more about Windows Phone, click here.


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