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In the age of the omnipresent online shopping site, it should come as no surprise that since there are sample sales geared at every other demographic, there’s one geared particularly to MOMS and their tots ages 7 and under. It’s, a private sale site for moms with “exclusive access, top brands and great deals.” It’s like Gilt Groupe curated by Rosie Pope. Given Totsy‘s stake in the nature of the buying habits of moms, it’s no wonder they’d be the ones to conduct a survey to observe this phenomenom. And on Thursday, over breakfast at Manhattan’s Scholastic “Greenhouse,” Totsy hosted a panel presentation and discussion to present the results of the survey, called “Moms Shopping Trends Report 2012.”

The survey proved that generally moms behave the way you’d expect them to – that they place an emphasis on bargains and quality over brand names and convenience. And accordingly, their lives and buying habits have been dramatically effected by the downturn in the economy. But there were a few interesting and surprising observations throw in. For one, women are more likely to buy a house if the kitchen sink faces the back yard. Ok, it’s self-explanatory, but who knew! Also, women rated gift certficates as the #1 baby shower gift. Thank you, Totsy, for solving that age old dilemma. The survey also observed that, while moms overwhelmingly trust word-of-mouth recommendations to direct their purchases, 69% of the moms surveyed said social media has somewhat changed the way they shop. Within social media outlets, moms particularly turn to blogs to understand what other moms and not mass marketers are recommending.

Later when I got home after the event, I tried my hand at Totsy to see what it was all about. Based on its current sale offerings, which are fantastic, Totsy represents exactly the sort of deals the survey showed moms treasure above all else – quality brands at great prices. The current sales include lots of toys, cute kids’ clothes and maternity wear among much, much else – all from brands that I wouldn’t have the ability to see elsewhere. While Totsy is supposed to be for moms, I proved that any woman appreciates a good deal and scooped up a pair of silver strappy flat sandals, a vibrating skincare brush, and a deal for a summer vacation rental.

To find a fantastic bargain for yourself, visit and sign up now – it’s free!

By Allison Toombs

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  1. My biggest shopping trend is Burlington Coat Factory. I love the deals they have there. They have the same things the other department stores carry, but at much better prices. It makes it twice as much fun to shop there.

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