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    Had A Great Time At Legoland In Florida (PICTURE HEAVY)


    We had such an amazing time at Legoland in Florida this week. The rides were just PERFECT for my children (aged 4 and 6) and the park really wasn’t very crowed. The most we waited for a ride was 10 minutes which allowed us to enjoy the entire park, some shows and lunch (without having to rush).


    My son is a LEGO F-R-E-A-K. And I mean it! But my daughter enjoyed herself just as well. The entire park is filled with these amazing LEGO sculptures. And I’m going to dedicate an entire post to their Lego Miniland USA area (LOTS OF PICS HERE). Bill and I were truly amazed. There are some real talented people behind those sculptures which ranged in theme from the Daytona 500 to New York City.



    And so it began! You walk in and are greeted with a HUGE dinosaur… that squirts WATER. Love!!




    The very first ride you see is one that takes you STRAIGHT UP while spinning. It offers a 360 degree view of the entire theme park. The kids were loving being so high. I, on the other hand. was silently having a panic attack. Apparently, I have a fear of heights. WHO KNEW?


    LEGO has licensing rights to several well known brands. So, the kids enjoyed getting up close and personal with characters like Darth Vadar.


    The park also has a ton of these little play areas which I LOVED because it gave the parents to sit down and relax. Our kids were running around like crazy. It was a nice break between lines. Really smart – allowed the kids to sort of release some of their energy / excitement about being in Legoland.


    Each section is split by theme. The first section we visited was a HUGE castle and our very first roller coaster ride – The Dragon. I think this picture is hilarious. They did it on their own.


    Here we are about to launch!!!



    I personally got a kick out of this jousting ride!! I almost wanted to get on and do it myself.


    Everywhere you turned was another playground which meant the kids could run and the parents could chill out. It was a very relaxing theme park day for us.




    If you are into seeing shows – there are several to choose from including a Pirate aquatic adventure!


    Another point I have to mention is — some rides require the passengers to move in order for it to work. So, if my husband and son wanted to lift off the ground, they had to peddle. What a great idea!! Keeps our kids moving and active. LOVE!!



    Yes, that Ford car is made out of LEGO. COME ON! It’s amazing!!


    The Fire safety show is one NOT to miss. The blue seats are in the “soak zone” and they weren’t kidding!! Kids were sprayed with a water hose and they had a BLAST. There was also a pretty great song that stuck in their head… “Put the wet stuff on the hot stuff!!” 🙂




    Safari rides, roller coasters and dinosaurs… oh my!


    Most rides offered this little play area where the kids could have fun while the parents waited on line. Really smart.



    PS – the Coastersaurus was the best roller coaster ride in the park. (My opinion of course). It’s the wooden coaster behind my family.



    And we spent about an hour on this shooting game in the Lost Kingdom. We kept getting off and going back on. NO LINE. AMAZING.

    If you are heading to Orlando, be sure to hit up Legoland.

    OH AND PS – if you wait until this summer there will be a WATER PARK THERE AS WELL!! It opens in MAY!

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