Not Just Any Old Day Jewelry: Check Out My Anniversary Key

How fun is this?!

We’re doing a contest with Not Just Any Old Day Jewelry line soon – so look out for it. But I couldn’t wait. I typically don’t write about samples I get from giveaways, but I sort of fell in love with this necklace. It’s so different. Think about it – how many people out there would really care about 11/17? I happened to get married on that date 10+ years ago – so it’s special to me. But you would probably choose another time, right? Talk about unique!

Here’s a better picture from the company’s website. Isn’t this fun?! You can pick any date you want – birthdays, anniversaries, special moments, etc.

Not into the necklace option? Not Just Any Old Day Jewelry also features bangles…

silver cake cutters and more…

I just thought it was a really sweet idea and had to share.


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