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    2 For 1 Drinks At Chili’s ALWAYS – What? #steakatchilis

    How many Chili’s fans do I have here with me today? My family loves to visit every few weeks. We are lucky enough to have a restaurant just a few block from our house. And when we find a great deal… we RUN FOR IT. Well, this week, we came across a major score – 2 for 1 drinks at Chili’s. How could we resist THAT?

    2 For 1 Deal At Chili’s 

    2 For 1 Drinks At Chilis - Gift Card

    Are you using KLOUT? Every now and then I get a perk just for being a social media user. Last week, I received a gift card for Chili’s to celebrate their $20 for 2 dinner meals.

    2 For 1 Drinks At Chilis ALWAYS - Gift Card

    2 For 1 Drinks At Chili’s Deal

    My mom slept over and we decided to all go last night – Saturday. You know, the busiest night of the week. Unfortunately, Chili’s was packed and we had to wait about 35 minutes at the bar.

    I kept joking that the kids were at the bar and saying that Reese Witherspoon line – “You brought a baby… to the bar!?” What movie was that from?? I can’t remember. We were seated and ordered. My mother and husband did the $20 for 2 deal and opted for guacamole and chips as their one appetizer. In this deal, you get one appetizer and two main courses. Here is the menu that you can choose from.

    The amount of chips that came actually filled a party of 5! Insane.

    Another mind-blowing lesson learned last night was Chili’s offers 2-for-1 drinks (including draft beers and mixed – NOT BOTTLES). This isn’t a happy hour special. This doesn’t require you to hang out at the bar. This is ALL THE TIME no matter where you sit. My husband was in his GLORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The steak lovers really enjoyed their meal. And as usual – my husband was a ham. He is watching his diet and was able to swap out the loaded potatoes for a corn on the cob which he was very happy about.

    Another thing I loved was the kid’s menu. Notice how many side dish options they provide!! Liam chose pineapples and Natalie chose cinnamon apples. The entire menu gives you a calorie count as well!!! SO FAB! We ended the meal with a brownie sundae and it was dangerous. The freaking brownie was piping hot and the ice cream was creamy and delicious. No matter how much I didn’t want to eat it… I just had to!!!! The entire table was in heaven.

    The Verdict Is In

    So – we are a converted family. Bill and I typically don’t opt for chain restaurants – but we had no complaints yesterday. Pretty surprised at the quality of food and service. And I love how kid-friendly Chili’s is. So, yes we will be returning. I would have never given this place a chance had it not been for this Klout perk – so that was pretty awesome to receive.

    Have you ever visited Chili’s before?

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    1. It was ‘Sweet Home Alabama’! We use that line all the time. ROFL. I’ve never eaten at a Chili’s, but brownie sundae? Yum!

    2. You should sign up for their email list! 🙂 I just got an email for a free brownie sundae as a happy birthday gift from them. I just tried the $20 for 2 last weekend and it turned out really good.

    3. I worked at Chili’s as a server/bartender for a few years while I was in college. I loved every minute of it! Great food and great drinks, I love Chili’s!

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