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My Favorite Pizza: Have You Tried It?


Over the weekend, my children wanted to go to the pizza chain restaurant that offers dough to children to play with while waiting for their order. I won’t mention their name because I am going to bash them. I’ve eaten there 3 times and each time is an absolute disappointment. The ONLY reason why we continue to go there is because the children really enjoy that darn dough.

Well, I ordered arugula pizza – my absolute favorite – and it came to me with Italian dressing sprinkled all over it. VOMIT! I was so disappointed. It was gooey and wet and I could barely get one slice down.

My children have extended school days in the middle of the week. SO, yesterday I asked my husband if we could go get some brick oven pizza. There’s this local restaurant called Scottos (their official website is under construction) that we LOVE. I ordered my individual pie and felt sheer bliss when I took my first bite. Now, THAT’S how you do an arugula pizza!

Tell me  – have you tried this version before? I could eat every last slice.

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  1. I must be behind times, but that pizza looks divine. Never knew there was an arugula pizza

  2. the best pizza are from neighborhood pizza places (not a chain) , so much to choose from, love the arugula, now you got me thinking superbowl:)

  3. I agree…the best pizzas are from mom & pop restaurants! (But I have to admit that aragula pizza is not something I would like at all…I don’t want salad & greens on my pizza. I’m a pepperoni or sausage or black olive or red pepper or pineapple girl…and usually not more than 1 topping at a time on my pizza.)

    1. i hate salad – but I LOVE this pizza. there is something about the arugula and the cheese and the sauce that rocks my world. I don’t eat all the proscutto – take some of it off. try it once!!!

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