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CVS Coupon Run: Spent Under $4 For Over $65 Worth Of Goods (VIDEO)

Seriously, is it wrong to say that I almost get high when I do this? I mean… I am straight up ADDICTED to couponing. It’s ridiculous but it’s true and CVS is my absolute FAVORITE place to do it.

Anyway, this week I did GREAT. Ended up paying $3.91 out of pocket and brought home over $65 worth of beauty products. Watch the video to see  how I used coupons to save big.

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  1. I really should stop reading these because it just makes me want to fling myself on the floor and throw a full-on tantrum over the fact that we don’t have a CVS closer than an hour and a half away! But I can’t stop myself from clicking. It’s an illness. Hah.

    Great scores! 🙂

  2. Every time I go and do a CVS run I end up getting stressed because a)I have to make 2 transactions in order to use the RB, b)I have to constantly watch the cash register for accurate pricing-cause they can be bad about not having the right price for a particular item, and c)when u first walk into CVS u usually go to the kiosk and print out new coupons which could throw a wrench into your whole CVS fantasy shopping plan. It’s almost not worth the stress.! Wish I was rich so I wouldn’t have to put myself through all this money crunching, oh well!

    1. i completely understand! I will not coupon heavily at Target anymore for the exact reason and I wont step FOOT inside a Walgreens. You have to know what company works best for you in your area. I also tried out different CVS in the beginning and found a really big one 5 minutes from my house. I go REALLY EARLY so I’m the only one they have to deal with (its 24 hours) and then I am in and out in minutes. 🙂

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