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I Relapsed – Please Don’t Judge Me


What is wrong with me? I have the sickest obsession with Benihanna. I mean – it’s bad. REAL BAD. I realized yesterday that I have to go to that restaurant at least once a month. I never really write about it on my blog – it’s usually a Facebook update. So, this might sound new, but TRUST ME I’m an a-d-d-i-c-t.


The funny thing is my KIDS are also completely obsessed. It’s the ginger sauce. I’m telling you – there is something inside of it that calls my name at night. YUM. YUM.

Do you have a restaurant you frequent a little too often?

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  1. That’s so funny. They opened one about an hour away and when we drive by, I always think of you. LOL! I need to stop there one of these days and see what it’s all about. My obsession is Five Guys! And I don’t even really LIKE hamburgers!!! HAHAH. We tried it in D.C. this summer and then learned there was one a few cities away. It’s just so freakin’ addicting! Thank god it’s not closer!

  2. Any Japanese steakhouse but Benihana beats them all hands down. I could have just eaten and will always and forever stop when I see one, even if just for the salad!!!

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