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Daily Diary: Wrapping Presents Is So… Fun (grumble grumble grumble)


Yesterday, I finally sat down and wrapped my Christmas presents. There were so many to do! In this shot, you don’t even see the full deal. Most are around behind the tree (my kids’ stuff). I thought I’d be cute this year and put everything in boxes instead of bags. What the heck is wrong with me??? Next year, I am going to the dollar store and buying a billion Christmas bags and shoving everything in.

Have you started to wrap yet?

I also realized that I wasn’t done with my list. I thought I had everyone but then noticed several people weren’t complete. So, at around 3pm – I ran to the mall and tried to wrap it up. THE MALL WAS INSANE…………..


Do you hear me? Bonkers!

I have one more person to buy for… and I think he’s getting a loaf of bread and some bananas….I can’t handle the mall again.

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    1. Yes – santa brings them one present each on christmas morning. this is for my family and for the kids on christmas eve. I have about 12 people that come over that we exchange with. its crazy!

  1. Try online shopping – I did all my Christmas shopping online this year. It’s easy to find coupons and your get cash back from as well. I love it!

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