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Daily Diary: That’s Pretty Darn Good


I haven’t spoken much about my daughter’s teacher this year but I must say – this woman ROCKS. Not only was my daughter reading after just 2 weeks in the first grade, but she constantly has these spontaneous moments of learning that she loves being a part of.

One of her friends / classmates told the class that she knew how to make Spongebob and Natalie’s teacher decided to lead an impromptu art lesson. This is what my daughter came home with. I don’t know, but I’m impressed!!! LOL! She said that the class collectively made the body and then all the details were up to the individual to create. So, she made the spatula, socks, shoes, and hat. There was real effort and passion put into this project and I love it!

I know it’s just an art project, but I think they are necessary for development. I’m very passionate about keeping the arts in our school systems.

What a well rounded education. I’m so thankful.

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